Our History 社团历史


In 1983, a group of golfers were influenced by and emulated the cue of the Commercial House golf competition in Johor Bahru to from our own Commercial House golf Competition.

Unlike the Commercial House of Johor Bahru which was wholly sponsored by a bank and local Japanese community, we had to depend on the small entrance fee and some contributions in kind from well-wishers to organize the competition.

The objective of this event was to create good fellowship, promote better relationship and foster social interaction between the commercial sector and the government sector and also amongst the golfers of different races in Kelab Golf Batu Pahat. Labour Day being a holiday was decided as the date for the event. We had to convince the Management Committee of Kelab Golf Batu Pahat to grant us absolute use of the course and club facilities. It was then unheard of to close the course the entire day for a private competition. With their blessing and approval, the first Commercial House golf competition was launched on 1st May 1983. The event was a tremendous success. It created a lot of friendship and carnival mood never experienced before in the club. The then President of Kelab Golf Batu Pahat, the late Dato Tan Peng Khoon was so impressed that in his speech he declared and sanctioned Labour Day for the Commercial House competition in the club’s golfing fixture. The competition grew bigger and bigger, from a one-day competition to a two day event. It has become so big and popular that it has become the golfing mecca of Batu Pahat.

In 1994, the 12 year of the competition
witnessed a significant and noble change to the objectives of Commercial House.
The organising committee of that year decided that while enjoying golf and good fellowship, we should also remember and think of the less fortunate and under privileged. With charity in mind, the organization’s name also took a change to be known as BATU PAHAT COMMERCIAL HOUSE CHARITY GOLF.

Since then, it had successfully raised quite a substantial amount of money for charity. The funds raised were spent on the community of Batu Pahat, but donations were also given to service organizations in Malacca, Segamat and Kluang. Annually, the main beneficiaries  from our fund raising project are the Rotary Club of Batu Pahat, the Lions Club of Batu Pahat, the Batu Pahat Rotary  Haemodialysis Centre, computers to schools, financial aid to poor students to further their studies, financial aid to kidney failure patients and many more individuals who are sick, poor and under-privileged.

The road to success had never been all the while smooth. We experienced bumpy times when no one wanted the chairmanship. But all these were overcome with a few Chairmen serving two terms and three terms consecutively to ensure the chain of success is not broken. Along the way, we had three Japanese expatriates serving as Chairmen, whose contributions shall always be remembered. All the chairmen who have devoted so much of their energy and time towards a caring and sharing society are truly remarkable gentlemen who deserve our full admiration.